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We’re not an ordinary design firm. We take seamless processes and marry them with thoughtful design to provide an experience—and final product—you won’t believe is real.

Because here’s the thing… We know interior design projects often get overwhelming: shifting timelines, frustrating setbacks & shaky communication, oh my! With a longstanding professional background in design consulting and construction. We go about it in a different way and run your project like a business (but, like, a really fun business).

Clear deliverables, consistent communication, dreamy design & creative solutions for any problem that might pop up… That’s how we do interior design differently.

We care about your home design project as though it’s our own.

The Vision 

Tanya Coffey has over 25 years of experience in the design industry working with homeowners and builders to bring their visions to life. With an extensive background in all phases of new construction and remodeling, Tanya enjoys helping clients navigate the design process from the first stages to the finishing touches.

She has always been passionate about interiors. As a child, she would find herself redecorating her bedroom, assisting her parents with their many remodeling projects, and following her mother through countless fabric and decor stores. She soon realized that her love of architecture, color, and textiles would become her career. Throughout the years, she has stayed on top of design trends, which has led her to create many stylish, beautiful spaces for both residential and commercial projects.

Tanya has received multiple awards for her designs in Parade of Homes and has had the privilege of designing numerous model homes for builders and many custom homes for clients. In her free time, she enjoys traveling the world, which has influenced her design style with new perspectives and inspiration. Outside of the design realm, she loves cooking, gardening, and spending time on the farm with her husband, David and their dogs.

Aspiring world traveler, principal designer, founder, green thumb expert & people call me the  “MacGyver”
(I can fix anything).

Hi, I'm Tanya Coffey!




I grew up on a working farm and have lived in TN my entire life! 


I met my husband at a football game when he ran across the street with a singing Santa hat from a nearby gas station. (True story)


My go-to uniform is a dress (with pockets, obv) and sneakers.


My favorite space to design is a kitchen. (I’m 100% #TeamKitchen)

The Dwell Team

Kassie has been working in the Interior Design Industry for the last 10 years and knew this was her passion from the start. She discovered her talents when she was a little girl, continuously rearranging her room and house until she secured the right “look,” and as she grew older, her parents entrusted her with all the design decisions throughout the house. She has worked at design firms in Orange County, California and Telluride, Colorado, giving her a unique take on modern and contemporary design. She loves thinking outside of the box and is not afraid to mix & match styles.

Meet Valynn, our Design Assistant and the creative soul. Since childhood, she has been captivated by art and design, and she is currently pursuing a Fine Arts Degree in Interior Design at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design. When she’s not shaping the world of design, you can find her lost in the pages of the newest book series, navigating her journey through her degree, and cherishing quality time with her three adorable kitties. Valynn brings her artistic flair and a sprinkle of feline companionship to every project she embraces.

Allie is your marketing bestie with a mission to help businesses grow their audience and brand recognition through social media and the power of digital marketing campaigns. Her goal is to not only create connections, but to foster ones that are intentional and long-lasting, relationships that go beyond the Internet. Allie is passionate about helping our clients find the perfect space that meets their specific needs. When she’s not busy making connections, you can find her hiking, enjoying a glass of wine while spinning some old vinyls, or spending time with her faithful Great Dane, Preacher.

Meet the brains that bring the (interior design) beauty to life.


Kassie Montross

Valynn Corley

Allie Coffey

Design Assistant 

Brand Content Manager

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