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Whether you need design advice from someone who will tell it to you straight or a full-blown custom home with furnishings —or something in between—we’ve got you covered.

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We Value Processes

IDK about you, but we think designing a home shouldn’t involve so many headaches and hoops to jump through. It should be creative, full of ease & yes, even fun.

But, you’re a realist. You know that in the home design world, delays and hiccups happen. That’s why we insist on strong processes that remove the guessing games and uncertainty, and, instead, keep you in the loop 100% of the time. We stay in communication with you from beginning to end, so you know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it, and whether it’s coming with a bottle of bubbly (which, we personally think it always should).

You bring the eagerness to get going, we bring the organized processes, high-end design & detailed execution. And a happy dance to top it off.

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Design Consultation

We call this the “Designer BFF for the Day,” and that’s exactly what it is.

You + our team + your deepest design questions = a match made in heaven. You may not be ready for full-service interior design, and that’s all good in our book. Maybe you want an expert’s opinion on pieces, placement, or interior ideas you have for your home. During this two-hour consultation we'll go over your design priorities, and then discuss and build a plan with you for how to bring those priorities to life. This consultation package takes place in your home with me and my team.

Full-Service Design

A fancy way of saying you can sit back and relax, while we do the rest.

Whether you’re looking to remodel one room, a few, or the whole house, we manage all steps of the design process for you. More than that, we’ll keep you informed along the way. We have "Information Guides" for you so you always know what’s coming next, and we include regular communication and updates in our project timeline so that you’re never wondering what stage the project is in or where the heck your furniture is. We believe designing your dream home should be a stress-free (and, dare we say, even easy) experience on your end, and that’s the exact experience we deliver.



Start by filling out our Inquiry Form which can be found on our contact page. Once we have received your form, we will give you a call to get to know each other, give you a quick look at how we work, and go over project scope, budget, and desired timelines. 



Then, once you're ready for the next step, we'll meet you in-person at your home for an initial visit. You’ll show us all the ideas and spaces you want to transform, and we’ll go over any additional questions & details. After the initial visit, we’ll send over a proposal with all the details and the estimated cost of the project.



Here comes the fun part! The process starts when we send you homework (aka, best homework ever, sending inspirational photos and dream list for your project), we will then follow up by reviewing your homework. Then we have a design concept meeting to go over aesthetic direction, color palette, and floor plan options before getting into materials and furniture selections. 



Next up, ordering and tracking all of the goods. We use a receiving warehouse to make sure all of our furniture is delivered in one swoop, and we update you on lead times periodically so you’ll know exactly where your furniture and materials are during the design processes.


How Does It Work?


Ta-daaa! It’s finally here. We schedule a day (or days) to have the furniture delivered and install all styling elements to complete your final design. All that’s needed now is a big cheers to your beautiful, renewed home. (Don’t worry, we’ll bring the bubbly.)

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